Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Lonely Road

(The following poem talks of a man who is doubtful about the path which leads to a future of love and happiness. He realizes that he has to complete the journey, and that too all alone. He is no coward but he just needs an assurance that the path he has chosen really is the correct one or not.)

The path is dark and scary.
Without you or any light to guide me.
It's like an alley,
where my life's backdoor has landed me.

My footsteps echo through the darkness,
my heavy breath sounding too loud.
My heart pounding through my ears,
reminding me of all my fears.

Do I really know what I'm doing?
Does this alley lead where i think it does?
or will I just see Death awaiting me,
in all his majesty on a throne of bones,
or maybe not,
coz it might be too dark to see.

But to death is not the road that I want.
I want the one to you.
I would find the courage,
to come down the passage,
if only i knew for sure.
That you await my arrival,my dear love,
at the end of this sinister tour.

I know for sure, I have that faith,
that you do wait for me somewhere.
But what I know not my love,
is if this treacherous road,
would ever lead me there.


  1. Dude, You're a brilliant writer and you should know that! You have a different style! And everybody has!
    And this piece of lyric is too beautiful! Take my word!

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  3. If I am not wrong this talks about a relation which needs an assurance to go on.
    Your Poem reminds me of a song by Richard Marx-"Right here waiting for you".I will write down a stanza for you-

    "I wonder how we can survive
    This romance
    But in the end if I'm with you
    I'll take the chance"

    The assurance is given by the chorus of the song-

    "Wherever you go
    Whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    Whatever it takes
    Or how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you"

    A very nice poem...
    and keep faith...