Thursday, 18 October 2012

Part 1: Love is a Thief

(Dedicated to my dear friend, Mohit Pandey as a reminder that no one has ever been a loser for trying to get something out of his league.)

He had fallen in love.
He, a big black beetle,
She, the most beautiful of creatures.
Tall and lonely,
with colors bright as the morning sunshine,
And a sweet scent divine.

Her petals open -
Charming, but not seductive,
Her pollen-filled center -
A heart to be discovered and loved
Yet open to only him who could win her.

For she was a lady,
And would make no stray talk.
She would just stand,
A lonely beauty,
Waiting all by herself, just waiting.

The beetle had loved her,
From the day he'd set his eyes,
Upon that transcendental face.
Yet he had seen her only from afar.
Never daring an approach.

He was still an adolescent,
He had no experience.
At wooing a girl,
let alone one,
of such grand beauty.

But he was glad it was so.
For he wished to love,
Just one, just once.
And it had to be her.

He was too scared of rejection.
For he was big,
black and awkward.
While she was mystical maiden,
Her fresh colors mirroring her laughter.

What had he to offer?
Why would she love him?
She would never accept it.
What was the point in trying?
When he knew it was to be an imminent failure.

But Love came to him,
And She told him to tell her.
Tell her his heart's true yearnings.
His love, his desires,
And to not give in to fear.

She said she would understand,
She would be glad.
To be with someone like him.
She said beauty wasn't enough for happiness,
That she was lonely.

He was still not convinced.
He could not dare to be.
But how long could he resist?
How could he win?
How could he triumph against Love?

Especially when all he wanted was to lose,
To lose it all to Love,
His heart, his self, himself.
So he gave in,
and followed Her path.

He told her that he loved her,
And that he always would.
He said his life had no meaning without her.
And he could offer her more love,
Than anyone else in this world could.

She listened to this,
And to his unbelieving joy,
She accepted happily!
She swayed in the wind,
Overcome with emotions.

She said she had always been lonely,
But now all her dreams had come true.
That she couldn't ask for anything better.
And that she would love him equally,
in return, if not more.

His joy knew no bounds,
And he became one with her,
In the end, thus, Love triumphed.
And that's why Love is a thief.
For he might have stolen his love,
But She had, his heart.


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