Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Sole Diamond

(Should a man leave behind his addictions? Habits that give him joy? Yes he'll be free. But what will he do of that freedom if he cannot be happy?)

He owned a stone.
It was a red diamond.
It was larger than any diamond in the land.
It was blood red in colour.
Diamonds are clourlessin when pure.
But this diamond was red.
A big, red diamond it was.
He loved the diamond.
Light sparkled through its many facets.
Creating an aura around it.
The aura was something.
It was something that could not be described.
The aura of the diamond was quite something.
He loved the aura.
He loved the diamond.
Its brilliance was beautiful.
Its beauty was radiant.
He cared for the diamond.
He carried it with him.
He never let it out of his sight.
He never let anyone see it.
He never let anyone touch it.
He touched it.
He caressed it.
He kissed it.
He loved it.
He took it everywhere.
He was in love with it.
He could not live without it.
He was addicted to it.
He loved it so much.
The diamond was his life.
And he decided to give it his life.
The diamond gave him joy.
The diamond gave him fulfilment.
He too gave to the diamond.
He gave it his soul.
He gave it his life.
He cast a spell.
His soul escaped him.
It was trapped in the stone.
He put it there.
His soul in his stone.
His life in his diamond.
His joy in his precious.
His everything in that something.
The bond was thus strengthened.
He fell in deeper love.
The stone was his world.
It lit his dark and twisted soulless insides.
He depended on it.
To be by his side.
To sustain his existence.
To exist for his sake.
And for his sake alone.
He never felt alone.
With the diamond close by.
He loved it so much.
He loved it a lot.
He loved it.
He was addicted to it.
He could never take his eyes away.
Off the diamond for an instant.
He was scared.
Scared that something would happen.
The diamond would go.
So he kept himself near it.
He kept himself close.
He kept himself bound.
And in time, he was bound.
He was so bound, he hated it.
His hate drew him mad.
He had no freedom.
And in his hate he loved his diamond.
He loved it as never before.
The diamond that had his soul.
He was done with it.
He could take it no more.
He could give it no more.
Nothing was like before.
He raised it high.
And smashd it on the floor.
It shattered.
It broke.
It split into a million pieces all sparkling on the floor.
He had ended the stone.
The stone was over.
The stone which had his soul.
The soul was over.
The game was up.
He had destroyed the stone.
And yet, he was sad.
He was unhappy.
He had ended hs addition.
He was free now.
But he had also ended his only joy.
He was sad too.
He was free too.
He was free to be sad.
Sad forever after.
His everything gone.
Destroyed, shattered to pieces.
Broken to splinters.
And he wept sitting there.
Crying on the floor.
He wept like a baby.
'Cause from what he knew.
Diamonds never broke.
No diamond ever broke.


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