Thursday, 19 July 2012

One Battle at a Time

I'm ready to fight,
in the war of life.
To find freedom and glory,
through struggle and strife.

I'm ready to sacrifice,
everything for that dream.
To churn my fate,
till I make butter out of cream.

But to give my all,
to that one fight,
all I ask from this world,
in the form of this rhyme-
Allow me to fight,
one battle at a time,
only one battle at a time.



  1. What's going on? Going on a war? Relax, sit down and think. Not every event is a war. I always thought of life as a game of chess though. Think and play...there is a larger probability of winning by that attitude. You don't wanna make mistakes with the war...:)

  2. Is the "One Battle at a time" a sign for our motto?