Thursday, 26 July 2012

For Dreams I felt Dearer

I loved you once,
but I love you no more.
I miss you but,
with my heart's very core.

When illness befalls,
I miss you even more.
Crying deep into the night,
my eyes turn sore.

I miss you my Love,
your love I miss.
Your love I loved,
my dream of eternal bliss.

I dreamed of you love,
yet the love was not dreamt up.
It was all for real,
but for dreams I gave up.

God save my soul,
that I chose to desert her.
That dearest of loves,
for dreams I felt dearer.

Put me to sleep,
rest my head on your shoulder.
Weep for my soul,
while I die, getting colder and colder.


(This poem came to me at midnight yesterday. The lines came to me very fast, and I had to hurry and grab a pen, to write it down, lest it be lost.

Often, on the path of his dreams, one has to leave behind his loved ones. One has to tread alone. The ones left behind may forgive us, because they love us. Yet they are never forgotten. Our mind, our conscience, never lets us.)

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  1. It's very touching. It's one of the best of your works. The finest yet.